This book gives the viewer a unique insight into a depressed soul. During her depression Valérie Naessens had a hard time explaining her thoughts and feelings to the outside world. In ‘Mindscapes’ she reflects her feelings in images that in return give meaning to them. The pictures are presented in pairs that reinforce each other. A blurred self-portrait reflects a feeling and gains meaning by combining it with a photograph of a landscape or an everyday object.

That is how the title of this work was created: Mindscapes represents a multiplicity and a wide range of feelings. Throughout the series they create an atmosphere of anguish and unease, typical for Valérie’s other photographic work.

Impressions are an individual experience, but through her pictures Valérie allows you to better understand her depressed soul. If you want to explore the work further and dive deeper into the experience and impressions related to depression, you can buy the Mindscapes photo book. In addition to all the pictures from Mindscapes you will also find written impressions, fragments of prose and pieces of poetry by experts by experience. With these different perspectives the individual approach is again stimulated. In the series Valérie works towards healing in which she allows positive feelings to enter and gradually become dominating.

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Some impressions