For Valérie Naessens photography offers the opportunity to escape from daily routine.
In addition, it allows her to interpret reality and to create her own view of it.
Melancholy, as a combination of beauty and sadness, is predominantly  present in her photos. 

Among her favourite subjects are abstracted landscapes and portraits.
When taking a portrait her prime objective is to visualize intimacy. 
This gives her work depth and refinement.


upcoming :
Air Biekorf 7.0 : group exposition in association with City of Bruges – cultural department / Poortersloge – Kraanrei 19 – Brugge / 07th April till 28 May 2023 
Mindscapes : solo-exposition in association with Fotografie Circuit Vlaanderen / different locations in Flanders / July 2021 – June 2023
Calender and locations :  https://fotografiecircuit.be/

In Between : group exposition Zinkae / kasteel Borluut / Kleine Gentstraat 69 / Sint-Denijs-Westrem / 31st march till 10th April 2023
SANT2022 : group exposition in association with City of Bruges – cultural department / Hendrik Pickeryzaal – Belfort – Markt Brugge / 11th September till 23th October 2022
This is not a landscape #2 : group exposition is association with PAK/ Dulaertweg 80 – Gistel/ 18th September till 16th October 2022
Fotofest : group exposition Zinkae / GUM – Palmarium van de plantentuin K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35 Gent / 3rd till 11th September 2022
: group exposition in association with City of Bruges – cultural department/ Komvest – Bruges/ 13th March till 28th November 2021
A Butterfly’s Scream : group exposition in association with PAK & Museum Dr. Guislain/ Psychiatrisch Centrum ‘Sint-Amandus’ in Beernem/ October 2021
Mindscapes : group exposition is Association with Oostkamp – cultural department / Oostcampus – Oostkamp/ 10th till 16th June 2021


Initial training photography : SNT Brugge
Portfolio photography : CVOSG Brugge 
Master classes black & white / street/abstract /experimental: SNT Brugge
Workshop ‘reportage photography’ : Het objectief under the guidance of Frederik Buyckx
Workshop ‘behind the scenes’ : Het Objectief under the guidance of Bas Bogaerts
Workshop ‘selecting images and making a sequence’ : Breedbeeld under the guidance of Valentina Stellino
Workshop ‘how to expose’ : Breedbeeld under the guidance of 
Geoffrey De Beer
Workshop ‘photo album’ : Breedbeeld under the guidance of Stefan Vanthuyne


Mindscapes 2021


  • Krant van West-Vlaanderen / West-Vlaanderen in beeld / 23th November 2018
  • Local television Focus / News / 04th November 2022